CHARACTER JAM exercises refer to sketchbook 1

3D JAM –


We started the 3D jam with following an instructional video for how to model a basic body.mug

Then using what we learnt in a new project modelling a basic mug front scratch, this was the first thing i had to create on maya without instructional support.


Following this i decided to make something more intricate and referencing from real life i decided to try modelling a coke bottle next to my monitor.


We then had a workshop on texturing and filtering in which i created these basic models and used the in-program textures.



Ultimately after the 3D JAM, in my own time i decided to try and create a 3d model from one of my own personal characters, i created a reference in SAI to refer to in program with a side and front view, i went with a more simplistic style to make it easier on myself as someone new to modelling.